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I consider LaTeX Beamer, in combination with TikZ, to be the by far best software to make the slides for my seminar talks. However, there is one big problem:
All talks done with LaTeX Beamer look almost identical.
If you want to bring a message across, you have to attract the audience's attention. Having slides that look exactly like the ones of the previous speaker is definitely counterproductive. Therefore, I decided to make my own set of themes for LaTeX Beamer - and share them with the community.
Instead of giving a longish explanation of the features of these themes I recommend downloading one of the real life presentations that can be found in the research section of this homepage. All talks from July 2008 on were made using this theme set.
Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that the inner theme "chamfered" adds some very nice and brand new features to the LaTeX Beamer class: It features boxes with customizable rounding radius, content-to-box and head-to-body distance, as well as an optional drop shadow effect compatible with all box shapes. In addition, a surrounding outline can be activated.
To install the themes put them in the same directory as your LaTeX Beamer source file, or copy them to an appropriate folders in the LaTeX load path [load path]/tex/latex/beamer/themes/[color|inner|outer]/. You can then use them as usually with something like \useinnertheme[realshadow,corners=2pt,padding=2pt]{chamfered} in your source file. There is some additional documentation in the .sty files.
Feedback is greatly appreciated!
The themes were last updated on 2011-07-15 (bugfix).
I was very happy to find out that people seem to be actually using these theems! See this post on the Malaysian LaTeX user group for example. I would like to thank all the people that have made me aware of bugs, compatibility problems and other shortcommings of my implementation. Thanks folks!


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